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What Rights Do You Have After a Work Accident scaled 1

If you are injured while at work, the last thing you want to do is create a scene, right? This is just going to make you look bad when you are in front of your boss and even jeopardize the chance you will receive a raise or promotion.

This couldn’t be more wrong.

If you have suffered an injury while at work, you have to let your boss know. Filing a full report of the accident is a must and it is something that should be created right away to make sure you can receive your benefits for medical treatment. Even if you don’t believe that you have been badly injured, you have to file a report.

Along with this report, you have to take pictures of any visible injuries that occur after they happen and to take photos of the area where the accident occurred. If you can’t do this on your own, ask a coworker to do it.

Remember, quality employers aren’t going to make you feel bad about filing this report. The purpose of it is to protect both of you. Keep reading to learn more about what to do if you suffer an injury while at work.

Getting to Know the Most Common Workplace Injuries

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the most common injuries that occur in the workplace include:

Usually, fall injuries are reported in a manual labor job, such as a construction site. There are some falls that don’t result in a permanent disability, or any broken bones. However, others may result in injuries to the brain or spinal cord.

If you were involved in an accident while you were driving for some work-related task, you may be eligible to receive Worker’s compensation. Professional drivers, such as delivery workers, truck drivers, emergency responders, and taxi drivers are the ones who are most at risk.

With repetitive motion injuries, such as tendinitis and carpal tunnel, these are most commonly seen workplace injuries. These occur when you are performing the same movement over and over again.

Filing Your Accident Report

Properly filing a report is going to help you prevent problems in the future. However, you should never assume that you are fine and forgo filing this report. You will never know how you are going to feel the next day, or even in the next week. The fact is, injuries may worsen quickly.

If you fail to file a report, or if you don’t file this on time, it can result in serious consequences. It may result in your claim being completely denied, which means you won’t receive any compensation. Also, your employer may wind up taking some type of disciplinary action against you if you fail to file this report on time – they may even suspend you from being able to go back to work.

Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney for Help

It is essential that you hire a workers’ compensation attorney to provide help with your claim. The attorney can help ensure you receive the compensation that you deserve.