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Potential Risks of Going Back to Work Early After an Injury scaled 1

After you have suffered a work-caused injury or illness, many employers want their employees to come back to the job as quickly as possible. However, in many situations, this isn’t in a worker’s best interest. If you have suffered an injury at work, you may feel like you have to meet the wishes of your employer, but you also need to make sure you aren’t doing anything that may negatively impact your health or rights.

If you are in this situation, hiring an experienced workers’ compensation attorney is best. Keep reading to learn more about the potential dangers of going back to work early here.

Reasons to Avoid Going Back to Work too Early

If you return to work too early, it may negatively impact you in many ways, including re-injuring yourself. Don’t return to your job until you have completely healed and until you are physically ready to handle the demands of your job. Returning early may also result in you not making a full recovery – ever. Even in cases when you feel good enough, make sure to follow the advice from your doctor and don’t try to return until you are cleaned to do so by your doctor.

Also, if you try to go back to work early, you may negatively impact your claim for workers’ compensation. These benefits will only be payable to you when you aren’t working your regular hours. After you go back to work full-time, then there is no longer an obligation for your employer to pay you these benefits.

If you only find out after you go back to work that you can’t perform you regular duties, you still won’t be able to receive benefits. You may also risk losing your job, since you can’t handle the tasks you are given.

Communicate with Your Employer

When you are recovering from your work injury, you must remain in touch with your employer. Make sure you provide updates to your employer about the progress you have made. Work with your manager or supervisor and let them know how you are feeling and what your doctor said about the injury, your recovery, and when you can return.

When you keep in touch with your boss, you are showing them you are interested in your job and it lets them know when you may be able to return. If your doctor puts any medical restrictions on you, make sure you let your employer know what they are so they can provide things that will accommodate your needs. After you have figured out when you will go back to work, speak with your employer to develop a plan to help you transition back to work.

What if You Can’t Return to Work?

If your employer has begun to pressure you to come back to work early, you should no they cannot legally force you to return to work before your doctor clears you for this. Your attorney can help you collect medical evidence that proves you aren’t ready to go back to work.

Contact a Workers’ Compensation Attorney for Help

If you aren’t sure what your options are, the best thing you can do is to hire an experience workers’ compensation attorney. Our team is here to help you. Contact our legal team at Felice Trial Attorneys by calling (561) 444-8822 for more information.