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Anger Aggressive Long-Haired German Shepherd Adult Dog, Alsatian

Dog bite incidents are unfortunately common in West Palm Beach. These accidents can result in serious injuries, trauma, and significant medical expenses. If you or a loved one have suffered from a dog bite, it is crucial to understand your legal rights and potential compensation. By getting the right legal representation, you can navigate this challenging time with confidence.

Don’t leave your case to chance. Felice Trial Attorneys are here to guide and support you throughout the legal process. With expertise in handling dog bite cases in West Palm Beach, we are dedicated to achieving the best outcome for our clients. Contact us today at (561) 444-8822 for professional assistance and advice.

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Various Reasons Of Dog Attacks

Dogs can bite due to different reasons. Sometimes, even the most loved family pets can act out unexpectedly. Here are some common reasons why dogs might bite:

Feeling Scared or Threatened: A dog might bite if they feel someone is invading their space or coming too close.

Unexpected Disturbances: If a dog is suddenly awakened or disturbed, especially while sleeping, they might react by biting.

Protecting Territory or Owners: Dogs can be protective. They might bite if someone comes close to their food, their owner, or enters their home.

Frustration: If a dog wants something but can’t get it because they’re on a leash or being held back, they might lash out.

Pain or Illness: Dogs that are hurt or sick might bite if you try to touch or move them.

Playing Rough: Sometimes, while playing, dogs can get too excited and bite harder than intended.

If you’re injured by someone else’s dog in Palm Beach, it’s essential to know your rights. Contact us at (561) 444-8822 for guidance on filing an insurance claim against the dog’s owner.

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Different Kinds of Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bites can lead to various injuries. We have encountered many of these injuries in clients, and it’s crucial to recognize their types and potential implications. Here are the primary categories of injuries from dog bites:

Skin and Deep Tissue Injuries: When a dog bites, it can leave behind puncture marks from its teeth. These aren’t just surface wounds; they might reach deeper tissues, damaging nerves, tendons, and bones.

Risk of Infection: A bite can introduce bacteria from the dog’s mouth into the wound. This can result in infections that might require antibiotics or, in severe cases, hospitalization.

Scars and Marks: Many victims of dog bites end up with scars. These scars can be especially distressing if they appear on visible areas like the face or neck.

Psychological Impact: Beyond physical harm, a dog bite can also have emotional repercussions. Some victims experience PTSD symptoms, including nightmares, flashbacks, and heightened anxiety.

If you have experienced any of these injuries from a dog bite, reaching out to Felice Trial Attorneys at (561) 444-8822 can help you understand your legal rights and potential compensation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In Florida, if a dog causes injury, its owner is liable. This is true even if the owner wasn’t aware of any aggressive tendencies. However, there are exceptions if the injured person was provoking the dog or trespassing. If you’re bitten, it’s important to consider compensation. Felice Trial Attorneys are here to guide you through the legal process.

Filing a Dog Bite Claim in Florida: A Quick Guide

  • Report Immediately: After a dog bite, contact the police or animal control and obtain the dog owner’s contact and insurance details.
  • Collect Evidence: Take pictures of your injuries, the dog, and the location. Also, gather witness contacts and note any prior incidents with the dog.
  • Consult an Attorney: For the best results, it’s essential to work with a specialized dog bite lawyer. Felice Trial Attorneys can provide expertise and ensure you’re comfortable throughout the process.

Settlements depend on the injury’s severity. Aspects like medical expenses, lost wages, and emotional distress play a role. Felice Trial Attorneys can help evaluate your case’s worth and advocate for fair compensation.

You have four years from the date of the dog bite to file a lawsuit in Florida. Failing to do so within this period can forfeit your right to compensation.

The time frame varies. Factors include injury severity and the insurance company’s responsiveness. While some claims settle in months, disputes might lead to prolonged cases. Remember, many homeowner policies don’t cover dog bites.

Felice Trial Attorneys handle dog bite cases on a contingency basis. This means you owe no fees unless we secure compensation for you. The exact fee percentage depends on your case’s particulars.

In Florida, if the injured party is partly at fault, it affects their compensation. If deemed 20% responsible, their compensation reduces by that percentage. The defendant might argue that the injured person was aware of the dog’s behavior or was on their property without permission. If faced with such complexities, contacting Felice Trial Attorneys at (561) 444-8822 can be invaluable.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Kelsey Burke is an amazing attorney.. she was very helpful with the both of my cases. She always stayed in touch with me and always kept me updated with was going on every chances she got. Thank you !!

Floridamade D.

First of all I want to thank Mr: Felice for his work to get justice in my case, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Mr: Felice is a lawyer dedicated to his work and client, there are few lawyers like him, that if he sell or fear the opposing lawyer he goes out to luhar for his client until the end without surrendering for a second. So, if someone needs a lawyer, I immediately recommend him and his entire team to work for me personally in Palm Beach County and all of Florida. Will be a pleasure to call him not only my lawyer but my friend too.
God Bless You and you team.

Pedro V.

Tim and Matt are the best of the best. Lawyers that finally care about you. Lawyers that work for you, listen to you. I could not ask for any better. They actually care about you as a person. You’re not a $ sign. And the rest of the crew is pretty awesome too. These guys work their butts off.

Karen M.

Very professional. They will bend over backwards for you, and attend to you as promptly as humanly possible. The attorneys are aggressive, and will work for you. I highly recommend these attorneys.

Miguel R.

I’m extremely thankful that Timothy Felice took my case. He worked tirelessly to make sure I received the best of care. I felt confident in his ability to handle the obstacles that came my way. With each difficulty, Tim always found a way to resolve the issues, to my benefit. I’m so grateful, to have met and worked with Tim, his love for the work that he does, is demonstrated in his ability to handle even the most challenging of cases. If you’re looking for an attorney who really cares and will invest his time and is exceptional in their field, then Timothy Felice is the one you should have on your side. I will be forever grateful for what he did for me and my family and If I ever need representation, he will be the only I could trust.

Maria D.

Felice Trial Attorneys are a powerful combination. Attorneys who will fight for their clients’ rights with proven results. I highly recommend their firm.

Sean D.

Shari was awesome she took her time to explain everything to me and really helped me with everything I really appreciate What she did for me…. Thank you, Shari

Jeff A

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