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There is no question that riding a motorcycle can be an exciting experience. While this is true, riding a motorcycle can also be quite dangerous. Unfortunately, the thrill you get when on your bike can turn deadly if you aren’t using caution or riding safely.

If you are going to ride a motorcycle, you need to enroll in a basic course that shows you all the safety tips for your outings. It’s also necessary to get to know the motorcycle laws in the state of Florida.

While the information here is designed to help you avoid being involved in an accident, if you find yourself in this situation, calling a personal injury attorney for help is highly recommended. Keep reading to learn what you need to do to stay safe while riding your motorcycle on roadways throughout the state of Florida.

The Right Safety Gear Matters

Wearing protective eyewear, body armor, leather clothes, boots, and protective eyewear, and the helmet is essential. This type of gear can make riding a motorcycle much more comfortable and help to protect you from injuries if you are involved in an accident.

However, the very best thing you can do to protect yourself is to avoid accidents altogether. To help you do this, you need to learn about some of the most common types of motorcycle accidents that occur on the road today and what you can do to prevent being involved in them.

A Vehicle Makes a Left Turn in Front of You

This is, by far, the most common type of motorcycle accident that occurs. There are several reasons this may occur. A vehicle may not see you or they can’t judge your speed accurately. They may also be driving recklessly or distracted. Also, if a vehicle is waiting to turn at an intersection, the situation is especially dangerous, along with gaps in traffic in a driveway, parking lot, or at an intersection.

If you are driving a motorcycle, you need to be prepared for these types of issues. Drivers may show signs that foreshadow the action of turning in front of you. One thing you can watch for is the direction of the vehicle’s wheels. The direction is the first indication of what the vehicle may do next.

You Turned too Quickly into a Corner

If you are going too fast into a corner and you realize that you may not make it, what can you do? The first step is to make sure you aren’t driving too fast. However, you also need to pay attention to the visual clues on the road that let you know what is coming ahead.

If you are in this situation, try to ride it out. Don’t slam on your brakes or try to do anything that is going to result in you losing traction. Lean into the corner you are taking and try to remain in control of your bike.

A Vehicle Changes Lanes Suddenly into You

It is easy for your motorcycle to get into the car’s blind spot. What this means is that, at some point, a vehicle may drift into your space. If you are on a motorcycle, you need to understand this and remain aware of where the blind spots are. Make sure you take steps to avoid riding into these spots.

Here’s a tip – if you can see the vehicle driver’s eyes in their mirror, then they can see you.

Call and Attorney for Help with Motorcycle Accidents

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident that is not your fault, contact Felice Trial Attorneys by calling (561) 444-8822 for help and information.