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Effective Ways to Strengthen Your Motorcycle Accident Case

Unfortunately, there are a lot of reports and news stories covering motorcycle accidents in West Palm Beach in the state of Florida. After all, the warm weather beckons to motorcycle riders from across the country. Unfortunately, if an accident occurs, it’s often the motorcyclist that takes the brunt of the damages and injuries. There are some motorcycle accident victims who have stated they feel like they have been judged when they file a claim against the person responsible. However, you have the right to do this, and you have the right to enjoy riding your motorcycle without having to fear for your safety.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, use the tips and information here to help build a stronger case.

Seek Medical Care Right Away

Most accident cases involving a motorcycle are considered severe. However, even if you feel okay after this incident, it is essential for you to seek medical attention right away. Not only will this make sure there are no unseen injuries, but it also helps to show how severe your case is.

If you fail to seek medical care, the other party may use this fact against you. They may make the claim that you weren’t really injured. Even if you experience pains or other medical issues in the future, it can be extremely challenging – if not impossible – to relate them to your motorcycle accident.

Always File a Police Report

It’s essential that you file a police report any time an accident occurs. The police will arrive at the scene of the accident to document all the details of the situation. The responding officer will also take pictures and gather witness reports. Even if the other person involved insists that you don’t contact the police, it’s still a good idea to file an official police report.

Collect and Keep Any Evidence Related to the Accident

The police officers and insurance adjusters will take pictures of things like the accident scene, property damages, and any type of injuries that occurred to the parties involved. However, you should not rely on these individuals to take all the photos needed or to collect all the necessary documents.

You can easily strengthen your case by taking your own photos and collecting information from witnesses. Be sure that you not only get photos of the accident itself, but also of the weather conditions, the location of the other vehicles involved, and any nearby road signs. This information may be invaluable when your case goes to court.

Wait to Make Repairs 

If you use your motorcycle as your main source of transportation, you may be tempted to have it repaired right away. However, doing this may eliminate some of the most important pieces of evidence you have. Also, if the person responsible is ordered to cover these repairs, the insurance company may require that you use the services of a pre-determined mechanic.

Hire an Attorney for Help

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, the best thing you can do is hire a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in West Palm Beach for help. They will review your case and ensure you get as much compensation as possible.

Do you need help with your case? If so, contact our legal team at Felice Trial Attorneys by calling (561) 983-4580. Our team is here to help provide you with the legal services you need to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.