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6 Common Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Car Crash Claim

6 Common Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Car Crash Claim

If you have been involved in an automobile crash, then you may have suffered mentally, physically, emotionally and even financially. The law allows you to claim compensation for losses incurred during the accident, especially if it was due to the negligence or carelessness of the other driver.  You might able to get compensation for for pain and suffering, lost wages, medical expenses, property damage and so much more.

However, insurance companies will do everything they can to limit or even prevent you from recovering fair compensation.  Thus, it is imperative to know right from the start, what you should do and shouldn’t do after the accident. Here are some common mistakes that can jeopardize your car crash claim or reduce the amount you recover as compensation.

Mistake 1: Failure to Obtain a Police Report

A police report is an important piece of evidence that can help your auto crash lawyer establish liability after an accident. A police report contains vital information regarding the car crash, such as how it occurred, the contact information for the drivers and witnesses and whether the at-fault driver was issued a citation. You will require a police report even if you only make a claim for property damage to your vehicle with your own insurance company. Thus, you should always call the police and get a report as well as obtain all information from the other driver.

Mistake 2: Not Seeking Medical Attention

It is very important that you seek immediate medical attention so you can properly heal from your injuries. In addition, your medical condition and your treatment is a vital piece of evidence in your car accident claim. When you delay your initial visit to the doctor, the negligent driver or the insurance adjuster might claim that you were not really injured in the accident and that your injuries were caused somewhere else.
Visiting the doctor immediately after the mishap helps to prevent such bogus claims, and will act as factual evidence that your injuries were as a result of the car accident. More importantly, note that some injuries, such as internal bleeding, damaged muscles and fractured bones may go undetected immediately after the accident and only show up later. Thus, it is important to seek immediate medical attention following a car accident. Regardless of how minor your injuries may seem, ensure you visit a doctor and receive a thorough medical checkup.
Additionally, make sure you follow your doctor’s advice. This includes a commitment to appointments and subscription to any therapy regime. If you fail to do so, you could actually allow the negligent driver to shift the responsibility of the injuries unto you.

Mistake 3: Giving Too Much Information to the Insurance Company

Another mistake that can ruin your car crash claim trusts the insurance company/adjuster. Note that the insurance adjusters are more concerned about saving their company money and not offering you fair compensation. Do not give the insurance company details they are not entitled to. More importantly, do not talk about fault or your injuries now and do not agree to give a recorded statement. Only give the company your basic information.
However, remember you still have a legal obligation to your insurance company. Promptly alert your insurance company about the accident and nothing else. The law only requires you to give the necessary information and once you’ve done that you will have met your responsibility. The best way to deal with an insurance company without making mistakes that risk your claim is to hire a car crash attorney in west palm beach to communicate with them on your behalf.

Mistake 4: Accepting a Quick Settlement

If you have sustained serious injuries in a car accident, you may have high medical bills to deal with. You also have to handle the inability to work, which results in lost income, along with damage to your vehicle. At this point, insurance companies know that accident victims are often stressed and will call you with an offer. The offer will likely be much less than you what you deserve, but once you agree to the settlement, they will close your file and you won’t have a chance to sue them. There is no way to know what amount of compensation should be given until all the factors are considered. Thus, it is imperative to hire an experienced attorney to handle all negotiations with the insurance company. The lawyer will review your car accident claim and ensure that you are fully compensated for all your losses.

Mistake 5: Failing to Document What Happened at the Scene of the Accident

Documentation is a vital piece of evidence that can help with your lawsuit and prove the key details of the accident. You should take photos of your injuries, the vehicles’ external damage, internal damage to your vehicle, the position of the vehicles immediately following the crash, traffic lights or signs in the area, road conditions, as well as after-accident damage, such as debris, skid marks on the road etc. You should also get the names, contact information and addresses of any witnesses.

Mistake 6: Waiting Too Long Before Hiring an Attorney

After a car accident, the insurance company will do anything to protect their own bottom line. They are not on your side, regardless of what their ads may claim. Thus, it is important that you hire an experienced car accident attorney soon after the accident. The lawyer will guide you through the process of filing your claim, negotiate your settlement for you and help you avoid the mistakes. An attorney will also monitor communications with the insurance company, develop the record of your medical conditions and timely file all the appropriate paperwork with the court.

The best way to avoid making these common mistakes is by working with an experienced West Palm Beach car accident attorney. Even if you have already made some of the aforementioned mistakes, it is not too late to hire a knowledgeable accident attorney in West Palm Beach to fight for your rightful compensation.
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