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At Felice Trial Attorneys, we understand that your legal issue is important, and we appreciate the trust you have placed in our law firm. We will review your inquiry and respond to you as soon as possible.

Next Steps

What to Expect Next

During Your Call

Initial Case Assessment

We’re not like other accident attorney firms. We take the time to gather all the information we need to help you. We’ll talk to you on the phone and ask about things like when the incident happened, who was involved, and anything else that will help us understand your situation better

Qualifying Your Case

After reviewing your case and determining that we can assist you, we will start the case onboarding process. During this process, our experienced attorneys will stay on the phone with you to provide guidance and ensure everything is thoroughly explained.

After Your Call

Gather information

We will collect all the necessary information related to your case such as medical records and insurance information.

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Start Your Case

After the initial review by our case management team, your attorney will conduct a thorough evaluation of your case. We will inform you about your case’s status and the next steps within 24 hours of completing the review.