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Is it Possible for Workersu2019 Comp to Deny Treatment scaled

Can Workers’ Comp Deny Treatment?

If you suffer an injury while on the job, the concerns and worries related to the situation may begin to build up immediately. Are you going to be able to go back to work? How are you going to cover the medical expenses? How can you recover while trying to figure out how you will pay the bills?


All these questions become even more stressful if you discover that workers’ comp has denied your treatment. You may wonder if they can really do this and what options you have if your treatment is denied.

What Should Workers’ Comp Provide Coverage For

For most workers in the state of Florida, they are covered by workers’ compensation programs. When you have this coverage, the benefits are designed to cover:

  • Visits to the doctor

  • Lost wages

  • Physical therapy

  • Medication

  • Surgery

  • Diagnostic testing

  • Referrals to a specialist

According to the law, if your employer is required to carry workers’ comp insurance, then you are covered regardless of who is at fault for the accident. The only exception to this is if you were under the influence of drugs or intoxicated.

If you are entitled to these protections, you may wonder why your claim for treatment has been denied.

Common Reasons Your Workers’ Compensation Claim May be Denied

Some of the most common reasons your workers’ compensation claim may be denied include the following:

Failure to Report the Injury Within the Required Time Period

If you suffer an injury while on-the-job, or if you become ill because of a work-related cause, you need to report it to your employer right away. You only have 30 days to report the injury or illness, and if you don’t meet this deadline, your claim may be denied.

The Injury Wasn’t Caused by or Related to Work

If you expect to receive worker’s compensation benefits, your illness or injury must be caused at work or while you are handling some type of work-related task. This is often tricky, for example – if the pressure and stress at work are so severe that you suffer a heart attack, you may be able to receive benefits. Therefore it is so important to hire an attorney for help with your benefits and claim.

You Failed to Get Medical Treatment

It is crucial that you receive medical treatment if you suffer an injury at work. Your well-being and safety are a top priority. You also need to take this step to get the benefits you deserve. If you suffer an injury that requires emergency care, you don’t have to see a provider that is approved. If it is not an emergency situation, you have to consult an approved physician. Make sure to find out what doctors are accepted from your employer.

Receiving Help with Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

If you have been injured or have an illness related to at-work causes, you should receive workers’ compensation benefits. If your treatment or claim is denied, hire an attorney to help with your case. At Felice Trial Attorneys we can provide the services you need to help you get the benefits you deserve. Contact our legal team by calling (561) 444-8822 for help and information.